Tenancy Agreement Template

Tenancy agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant that specifies terms and conditions of rental agreement between landlord and tenant. Tenancy agreement is put in place before the property is let out to tenant. Tenancy can be either written or oral depending on the time of agreement. If tenancy agreement is made for more than one year then this agreement must be in written. Here we present a tenancy agreement template. This tenancy agreement template has been created in MS Word keeping all important clauses in mind that must be there in a tenancy agreement. You can use this tenancy agreement template totally free and change its content with much ease.

Agreement is a legal document that is used to define and protect rights and duties of two or more parties to the agreement. An agreement will meet its purpose if it is formatted in legal way. Agreement template that you will get here has been prepared by a person expert in writing legal documents so you can fully rely on legality of this template. We have tried to cover all important points of this agreement in this template. You may download it and use it just by changing text in body of this template.
Download the template and save a copy of this agreement template. Start making changes in its contents. It is hoped that our agreement template will meet all your needs and save you from future disputes. We offer you to use this agreement template absolutely free without any restriction to make registration with our website as other website require.

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